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The Dental education sector  in India is in distress.

 How does one explain the lack of outrage among the population at something which affects them so forcefully? Could it be because they are not aware of how dysfunctional the system is? That must at least partly explain the apathy.

Perhaps they know but accept it with the fatalistic resignation of the type that accepts corruption among public officials? Perhaps they mistakenly consider pervasive corruption as normal. But how can they not see that government control of education, the rampant corruption due to mushrooming of private institutions, and the crippled education system and partial regulatory systems are all of a piece?

The TOI report on MBBS seats sold for between Rs 12 lakh and Rs 40 lakh by two private colleges in Chennai barely exposes the tip of the iceberg. The scam gets bigger, more brazen as medical graduates embark on specializations that are necessary for a successful career. The price this year for a post-graduate seat in radiology in most leading private colleges across the country is Rs 2 crore while in cardiology, gynaecology and orthopaedics are priced around Rs 1.5 crore.(link)


It should be obvious why this sort of thing can happen. It is a predictable consequence of what I call “apparent scarcity”

The government has a monopoly control of the sector through many institutions such as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Minsitry of Human Resources and Development, the University Grants Commission, etc. Licenses and other requirements force the private sector from fully and freely participating in providing education
Quotas and reservations are handed out to favored groups. And more directly, the bureaucrats and politicians extract rents from handing out the licenses and permits to those who have the deepest pockets.

The government has done the most damage to India through its stranglehold on education. By destroying the education system, it has destroyed the capacity among the people to perceive the problem in the first place. It is like the human immunodeficiency virus which causes AIDS: HIV acts by attacking the immune system itself. Similarly, hitting the education system destroys the capacity among the people to ever understand what ails the education system and why.

Another senior expert, who has held prestigious posts at the national level, says he has urged the UGC to hold centralized examinations like JEE for admissions to both MBBS/BDS and PG courses. “It’s a national shame to commercialize education. Besides, death of merit affects the quality of medical education. When money is paid, these colleges ensure that the exit is definite. The students pass, qualified or not,” he said.

OPENING THE DOOR TO ROOT OUT CORRUPTION IN DENTISTRY-Most of the Private Organisations and Institutions especially in the Education sector do not come under the purview of the JanLokpalBill!!!...We must make sure something is done in order to bring in all Universities and Colleges run by private Managements under the purview of this Bill!....Or else severe corruption goes on without any sight of redemption!!!...These are the primary Dens of corruption as Education my dear Friends we all know is real big business!!!!...A broad based forum for Dental Surgeons and Dental Students to freely bring out issues pertaining to the Field of specialization.This would be looked into and addressed to the people in Governance.Please do join and help spread the movement.